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Breath Hold FAQ

How do I turn the system on?
Be sure to review the appropriate sections of the operating manual. Each remote display and base unit has an on/off switch – all must be turned on in order for the system to operate.

The LED display is not changing with respiration – what should I check?
If the LED display is not changing – first check to assure that the reference button has been activated. Press and release the reference button briefly at the base unit. Expand and contract the bellows to verify the display changes with the bellows movement. If successful, repeat this test with the blue reference button on each remote display.

If the display is still not changing, it is possible that your bellows is not plugged in properly or is defective. Check the bellows connections while expanding and contracting the bellows after establishing a reference with the bellows expanded. Listen carefully for any noises that would indicate a leak in the system. Note that a second bellows was sent with each system, when in doubt replace the bellows with the second bellows and retry test A.

If the system is fully charged and tests A or B cannot be accomplished successfully – contact Medspira LLC for more information.

One remote display is not charged, can I still use the system?
Yes, the system can be used with just one or two remote displays. However, do not charge the remote displays while the base unit is in use for clinical care.

Will the unit function correctly when not on battery power?
While the unit will function accurately while being charged, it is not recommended that the system be used for clinical care unless the batteries are completely charged.

Can I purchase replacement parts?
Yes. Contact Medspira LLC.

BC-10 Coil FAQ

Some images in a 3 plane scout study are nothing but noise?
It is possible that one plane of the scout has missed the object. If one or both of the other planes contain good images, the coil is operating normally.

I have installed the Medspira BC-10 Transmit/Receive MRI Coil onto my scanner – how do I know it is working properly?
Run the “Coil Imaging Performance Verification Check” procedure outlined in section 3-2 of your Owner’s Manual or Service Manual. If the coil does not meet specifications continue to step B.

The magnet polarity on your MRI system may not be correct for the default cable configuration of the BC-10 MRI Coil. To check this on a GE Healthcare MRI system perform the following – use manual prescan and set the TG to 20 (this is a very low power value) while viewing the coarse center frequency display. If a central peak is shown that extends well above the baseline – the coil is wired properly. If not, the connector must be opened by technical personnel and the wires swapped. Repeat step A to confirm proper coil installation. If the BC-10 MRI coil still does not meet specifications contact Medspira for technical assistance.

My images appear quite noisy?
Double check the imaging protocol and compare the images to previous ones you may have acquired. If a coil problem is still suspected, conduct the SNR test listed in the operator’s manual and compare the measured coil SNR to the specifications.

Can I leave the coil in the bore while imaging with the body coil?
No – imaging using the body coil with the Transmit/Receive MRI Coil in the bore will damage the Medspira Transmit/Receive MRI Coil.

What does a T/R coil do that is so special?
T/R or transmit – receive coils transmit locally using (in our case) the Medspira Transmit/Receive MRI Coil (not the body coil). This uses very low RF power and localizes the RF field essentially to the inside of the Medspira Transmit/Receive MRI Coil. This will minimize signals from outside the coil and so can be used at the patient’s side without forcing phase encoding or frequency encoding onto specific directions. Also the local RF is very uniform with this design – so fat saturation is often quite uniform (however keep in mind that as the patients’ part of interest is moved away from isocenter – the main magnetic field is not very uniform and fat saturation techniques are difficult).

mcompass FAQ

How it works?


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