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Petite catheter product

Published on Nov 14, 2022

New Product - Petite Catheters Now Available

Whether you currently own an mcompass® Anorectal Manometry system or are considering adding this device to your practice, we have some very exciting news. Petite catheters are now available. These petite catheters are ideal for pediatric patients and small adults.

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8 reasons focus anorectal manometry

Published on Jun 6, 2022

8 Reasons to Focus On Anorectal Manometry Right Now

There’s never been a better time to add anorectal manometry to your practice to diagnose and treat patients with incontinence and other toileting problems.

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Help your patients understand anorectal manometry one minute video

Published on May 31, 2022

Help Your Patients Understand Anorectal Manometry With This One-Minute Video

Patients are often uncertain and therefore, nervous about what to expect during their first anorectal manometry exam. Your team can help eliminate those fears by setting expectations ahead of time.

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Expand your practice anorectal manometry part 2

Published on May 9, 2022

Expand your Practice with Anorectal Manometry – Part II

Seeking a new way to expand your practice and generate new revenue? We explore developing alliances with organizations in your community to expand your pool of patients for the exam and possibly for therapy.

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Expand your practice anorectal manometry

Published on Apr 19, 2022

Expand Your Practice with Anorectal Manometry – Part I

Looking for a new way to grow your practice? The answer may already be there, sitting behind your waiting room door. Don’t turn a blind eye to patients who fail to speak up about fecal incontinence, chronic constipation, and related problems.

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Treatment options anorectal disorders

Published on Apr 4, 2022

Treatment Options for Anorectal Disorders

Learn from an industry leader with decades of experience as he discusses treatment options for your patients with anorectal disorders.

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Anorectal patterns norms case studies

Published on Mar 21, 2022

Patterns and Norms in Anorectal Pressures

Learn from an industry leader as he discusses the differences in normal and abnormal anorectal patterns and pressures.

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Colowell america

Published on Mar 10, 2022

Case Study: ColoWell America

In business since 2018, ColoWell America provides the greater Tampa community with a variety of anorectal and gastrointestinal services. Their owner, Dr. Farooq, has been an avid adopter of technology and constantly strives to find new ways to bring relief to his patients.

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Anatomy physiology evaluation anorectal disorders

Published on Feb 21, 2022

Anatomy, Physiology, and Evaluation of the Anorectal Disorders

Learn from an industry-leading doctor how to do a step-by-step evaluation of the anorectum and evaluate defecatory disorders.

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Bringing home benefits data driven care

Published on Feb 9, 2022

Bringing Home the Benefits of Data-Driven Care

For an experienced clinician, fingertips can speak volumes during a rectal exam. But for the highest quality of care, data—along with digits—is crucial. After all, physicians are scientists and know that hard data is invaluable, leading to the better practice of medicine and better treatment results.

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