Increase Profits and Patient Experience with Anorectal Manometry

Published on Dec 14, 2023

What if you could bring anorectal manometry out of the hospital and into your own practice, without expensive, bulky machinery and hours of training? With the portable mcompass® system, you can.

Our innovative technology allows you to increase your profits while also improving patient flow and providing improved patient experience. Here’s how.

Increasing Profits

Why send clients away for testing when you can keep them in-house? The current answer for many independent practices is: “we can’t afford high-resolution manometry equipment.” So they must rely on sending patients elsewhere, which lengthens the diagnostic process and increases profit for someone else.

Medspira’s mcompass anorectal manometry device requires minimal financial investment compared to the complex and costly devices typically used in hospitals. Additionally, the portable design means that you can store the mcompass on a single shelf - no dedicated room required.

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Additionally, adding anorectal manometry to your service increases your monthly profit.

With a relatively rapid return on investment, the device often pays for itself in just months for many practices. Anorectal manometry testing reimbursements are extremely generous, typically ranging from $700 to $1,100, and address a wide range of ICD-10 diagnostic codes.

Based on an average reimbursement of $778, your office can net $598 profit for each procedure, which can easily be performed without physician supervision in just 15 minutes.

This is money in the door for your practice, with a much lower investment than a high-resolution manometry machine.

Increasing Patient Experience

The other huge benefit of offering anorectal manometry is the improved patient experience and patient flow. The mcompass improves patient and clinic experience in these key ways:

  1. Patients don’t like having to travel to multiple clinics for different appointments regarding the same diagnosis. Being able to do diagnose in-house removes this friction entirely.

  2. The diagnostic process can be conducted much faster. No faxing and emailing back and forth with other practitioners: your data is right there.

  3. The speed of testing is a benefit to both the patient and the provider. The entire procedure can be performed in as little as 15 minutes, enabling you to easily do 10-16 procedures a day.

  4. The portable, compact design is less intimidating for patients. The design of the mcompass is similar to consumer medical devices they may be familiar with. Additionally, the small, soft-tipped catheter is designed with patient comfort in mind.

We also offer free patient resources you can use in your practice to explain anorectal manometry in a way that’s both easy to understand and puts patients at ease.

Increasing profits and patient experience go hand-in-hand with the mcompass system.

mcompass®: Anorectal Manometry and Manometric Biofeedback for Pediatrics and Adults

Now you can do anorectal manometry in your own practice, on your terms. mcompass is the better, simpler way to do anorectal manometry. Whether you’re looking to introduce anorectal manometry for the first time, enhance how you perform the procedure or want to increase workflow with additional services and offer more options to more patients, the mcompass® Anorectal Manometry (ARM) System gives you real results, real fast.

A new concept in anorectal manometry, mcompass is the leading portable, simple-to-use device that will integrate into the workflow of any practice and make providing new services a reality for a broad range of physicians.

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Medspira’s mission is to make clinically-inspired medical devices available to more healthcare professionals and their patients. Our innovative mcompass® system is the leading portable device for anorectal manometry. Manometric biofeedback offerings are available as well with easy-to-install software and disposable attachments.

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