5 Benefits of Portable Anorectal Manometry

Published on Nov 2, 2023

Independent practices that are interested in bringing anorectal manometry in-house often can’t justify the space needed for a high-resolution machine. These machines are cumbersome to move, often require a dedicated room, and come with a long learning curve - all of which make them inefficient for independent practices.

However, there’s a solution - the portable mcompass® system allows independent practices to bring anorectal manometry in-house without any of the drawbacks of a large machine. This lightweight, portable tool weighs only about 3 pounds.

5 Benefits of Portable Anorectal Manometry

1. No Dedicated Room Needed

mcompass is a simple-to-use device that will integrate into the workflow of any practice and make providing therapy a reality for a broad range of physicians. The lightweight, small hand-held design makes storage easy.

High-resolution anorectal manometry machines require bulky carts that typically need a dedicated room for storage and use. The mcompass doesn’t need an entire room - just a shelf.

2. Easy for Team Members to Use

The mcompass is designed for ease of use - which means that any nurse, physicians assistant, or physical therapist can conduct the procedure without needing extensive training. High-resolution anorectal manometry machines have a steeper learning curve - the mcompass uses intuitive, simple software that’s easy to learn.

3. Improve Patient Flow

No time spent on calibrating and cleaning the machine and less time spent shuffling patients from room to room means you can serve patients faster. The entire mcompass procedure can be performed in as little as 15 minutes, enabling you to easily do 10-16 procedures a day.

4. Disposable Catheters

The portable mcompass system uses disposable catheters. This means no time-consuming and expensive sterilization is needed between patients. Additionally, the mcompass catheters are small and easy to store until they’re needed.

5. Less Intimidating for Your Patients

Last but certainly not least is the patient experience. A small, portable device is significantly less intimidating than large equipment rolled into the room on a cart. If you can perform the same testing with simpler devices, you can help put a patient at ease.

Additionally, the mcompass 5-channel disposable catheter is designed with patient comfort in mind.

mcompass®: Anorectal Manometry and Manometric Biofeedback for Pediatrics and Adults

Now you can do anorectal manometry in your own practice, on your terms. mcompass® is the better, simpler way to do anorectal manometry. Whether you’re looking to introduce anorectal manometry for the first time, enhance how you perform the procedure or want to increase workflow with additional services and offer more options to more patients, the mcompass® Anorectal Manometry (ARM) System gives you real results, real fast.

A superior concept in anorectal manometry, mcompass is the simple-to-use device that will integrate into the workflow of any practice and make providing new services a reality for a broad range of physicians.

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Medspira’s mission is to make clinically-inspired medical devices available to more healthcare professionals and their patients. Our innovative mcompass® system is the leading portable device for anorectal manometry. Manometric biofeedback offerings are available as well with easy-to-install software and disposable attachments.

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