Anorectal Manometry: Generous Reimbursements and Rapid ROI

Published on Feb 14, 2023

Find Out What You’ve Been Missing

Do you treat patients suffering from fecal incontinence? Chronic constipation? Pelvic floor disorders? Are you referring them to hospitals or elsewhere for testing? Then maybe it’s time that you find out what you’ve been missing. With your own anorectal manometry device in-house, you can earn a steady stream of revenue along with the opportunity to add an important care path to your practice virtually risk-free.

What’s more, if you are sending patients to specialists for biofeedback therapy, you are missing an even greater opportunity to boost your practice income and deliver meaningful treatment.

You may be surprised to learn that Medspira’s mcompass® anorectal manometry device requires minimal financial investment compared to the complex and costly devices typically used in hospitals. With a relatively rapid return on investment, the device often pays for itself in just months for many practices,

Despite this, the technology is equally as accurate and more versatile. With optional Medspira software, mcompass becomes a powerful biofeedback delivery system for therapy for all the problems cited above. In fact, many major hospitals use mcompass® biofeedback technology to deliver therapy for these conditions even if they have manometry devices from other vendors.

Perhaps surprisingly, anorectal manometry testing reimbursements are extremely generous, typically ranging from $700 to $1,100, and address a wide range of ICD-10 diagnostic codes. Based on an average reimbursement of $778, your office can net $598 profit for each procedure, which can easily be performed without physician supervision in just 15 minutes.

With a volume of 75 exams per month, a practice can add nearly $50,000 monthly or $600,000 annually to its income.

More good news…the device is extremely easy to use. Disposable catheters eliminate time-consuming sterilization. The Medspira team is ready to train your staff to ensure you can get started right away.

Lightweight, compact and portable, Medspira mcompass is specifically designed to bring the benefits of anorectal testing and therapy to the private practice physician, although the company counts many hospitals among its users. The handheld device can be easily stored on a shelf and sets up quickly in an exam room, eliminating the need for a dedicated manometry suite.

Medspira’s helpful staff is available to answer your questions about mcompass® and provide a demonstration. So what are you waiting for? Find out what you’ve been missing and contact us today.

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