mcompass® Anorectal Manometry for a Pediatric Setting

Introducing a five channel, air charged, high-performance catheter & small rectal balloon option designed with shorter distal tip with smaller length and diameter rectal balloon.

A Pediatric Anorectal Manometry Device

With mcompass you can easily diagnose and optimize treatment planning for Hirschprung’s disease, fecal incontinence, and chronic constipation.

Ideal for in-office portable manometry.



Testing Device Reimbursements are covered under codes:

91122 Anorectal manometry

91120 Rectal sensation, tone, and compliance test

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Diagnose and treat children with Hirschprung’s and other lower gastrointestinal tract disorders.

Diagnose lower gastrointestinal disorders in children quickly and accurately. mcompass® utilizes a soft-tip catheter with quick and efficient testing to make testing as comfortable for a child as possible. This 5-channel catheter is designed with a short distal tip, shorter functional length, and a small diameter rectal balloon.
A streamlined three-component system, mcompass® is the first anorectal manometry device developed to integrate seamlessly into any medical office environment. Treat your patients to a higher standard-of-care and enjoy efficient new revenue streams with mcompass®.

Portable, wireless system weighs only 3 lbs. Easy built in WiFi enables emailing full encrypted results to specialists. Pre-loaded mcompass® intuitive software is designed to provide step-by-step instructions for ease of use. The mcompass® software directs the clinician through six diagnostic tests – Resting Pressure, Squeeze Pressure, Expel Empty, Expel Full, Sensation, and Exhale.

The graphical display and reports make diagnostic interpretations straightforward.

Manometer Fob:
Just connect this to the mcompass® catheter for five channels of anorectal pressure data. Syncs to the Tablet via Bluetooth to wirelessly and securely transmit the pressure data to the Tablet.

Ready for use in just seconds.

Disposable Catheter:
The mcompass® 5-channel catheter provides greater resolution of BOTH anal and rectal pressures simultaneously. This disposable catheter ensures the safety of both the clinician and the patient while eliminating the expensive and time-consuming cleaning process required by reusable catheters.

As an air-filled catheter, mcompass® avoids the mess of water-filled catheters.

Medicare 2020 National Average Reimbursement

CPT Code – Description and Physician Fee

91120 Rectal Sensation, Tone and Compliance Test – $498
91122 Anorectal Manometry – $257

Total Reimbursements Estimate: $755

Note: E/M CPT code (office visit) can be submitted separately, if considered by the provider as medically necessary.

ICD-10 Codes for the mcompass Anorectal Manometry System


Product Overview: Chapter 1 – Administrative Control: Chapter 2 – Patient Information/Set-Up: Chapter 3 – Testing: Chapter 4 – Test Data/Report Summary: Chapter 5 – Report Viewing Mode:

Test the mcompass with a 30-day trial. With this no-cost, no-commitment product evaluation you can confirm if in-office ARM is a good fit for your practice.





Start with in-service:
Live patient procedure orientation at your clinic will give your mid-levels a hands-on experience with the mcompass.

Understand reports:
Medspira has contracted physicians with extensive experience to consult, read and review the exam reports with you.

Verify reimbursements:
During the trial period your billing department will be able to submit, collect and verify the reimbursements paid by different insurers in your locality.

Make decision:
The trial will help you to make an informed decision whether or not the mcompass is a good fit for your practice.

“I enjoyed Medspira’s no-pressure approach during my evaluation of the mcompass equipment. Before I committed to purchasing the mcompass, they allowed me to test it through their 30-day trial program. During the trial, my providers were able to gain hands-on experience with the equipment while I familiarized myself with the process of reading and interpreting the results. In addition, my billing department had time to collect and verify the reimbursements. The trial gave me peace of mind knowing exactly the value I was getting from bringing the ARM procedure into my private practice.” – Dr. Kurt Vernon, The GI Guy, North Carolina

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