Anorectal Manometry

Fecal incontinence, chronic constipation, and other lower gastrointestinal tract disorders disrupt the lives of tens of millions in the United States. These disorders have a damaging effect on patient Quality of Life and are the leading cause of entry to assisted living facilities.

mcompass® is the most efficient portable ARM system available to diagnose these lower gastrointestinal tract disorders. With its disposable catheters, mcompass® is the safe, rapid, and cost-efficient solution for your patients and your practice.

Learn more about how Medspira is working to make affordable portable anorectal manometry available to you.

Manometric Biofeedback

A new concept in manometric biofeedback, mcompass® is the first ever portable, simple-to-use and affordable device that will integrate into the workflow of any practice and make testing a reality for a broad range of physicians.

Learn more about Medspira’s mcompass® manometric biofeedback system.

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