About Medspira

Medspira’s mission is to make clinically inspired medical devices available to more health care professionals and their patients. The products of top researchers and inventors, these devices have the potential to provide valuable new tools for diagnosis and treatment of a large variety of medical conditions.

Medspira has close relationships with major research organizations to review technologies that will continue to fulfill our mission to bring these devices to more physicians, clinics, and patients. These relationships allow Medspira to provide insight from the marketplace on directions for future product development as well as feedback from clinicians and researchers for future product needs. Our Board of Directors, Board of Advisors, and Management team include leading experts in clinical application, marketing, research and development, and manufacturing of medical devices. Medspira is committed to serve clinicians with products providing cost effective diagnosis and treatment for a variety of conditions.

Medspira products are produced in partnership with world-class, FDA approved and ISO 13485 registered manufacturing facilities, providing high quality products and fast time-to-market. Medspira was formed through the acquisition of product lines and technologies developed by the Mayo Clinic.

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