Diagnose and Treat Pelvic Floor Issues

Your pelvic floor specialists, find the latest in diagnosing and treating issues ranging from fecal incontinence to chronic constipation.

mcompass Anorectal Manometry

“mcompass is easy-to-use, affordable and offers significant patient care benefits, and for the first time ever, makes in-office manometry and balloon expulsion testing practical and profitable,”
Keith Munson, MD

Manometric Biofeedback

Manometric Biofeedback can be an option for both women and men suffering from these debilitating issues. Performing pelvic floor exercises can help strengthen the muscles under the uterus, bladder, and bowel to directly assist with bowel control and urinary leakage.

Mcompass Manometric Biofeedback

Introducing a new concept in manometric biofeedback, mcompass is the first ever portable, simple-to-use device that will integrate into the workflow of any practice and… Learn More

Mcompass Anorectal Manometry

Medspira has created the mcompass to bring anorectal manometry to places where in the past it had not been used due to cost, time constraints… Learn More

Help Patients, Help Themselves

Pelvic Floor Issues can trap someone in their own home. The mcompass is here to bring treatment and diagnostics to centers and hospitals where it… Learn More

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Customer Spotlight

Dr. Eric Ibegbu MD, FACG Chief Medical Officer, Atlantic Medical Group PC. Assistant Professor of Medicine, East Carolina University.

Experienced, highly commended, and tenacious medical director known for expertise in overseeing the delivery of clinical study protocols, clinical study reports, study agreements, and other study documentation. Possess exceptional analysis, research, documentation, and advocacy expertise, coupled with effective writing and presentation skills. Display solid commitment to develop, implement, and maintain quality program for continuous system and patient care improvement…

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Naspghan Annual Meeting 2017

Come visit us at NASPGHAN 2017 at Booth #225 Ceaser’s Palace, November 1-4, 2017 NASPGHAN Postgraduate Course

Pelvic Floor Disorders Week 2017

Come visit us at PFD Week 2017 at Booth #615 October, 2017 Providence, RI Tuesday, October 3 7:00 am – 5:00 pm Registration Open 8:30 am – 12:00 pm Pre-Conference Workshops Untitled_design_(12) 1:30 pm – 5:00 pm Pre-Conference Workshops...

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In healthcare, often the most meaningful innovation starts with clinicians themselves. After all, who better understands the unique needs of the medical environment than the dedicated, talented professionals who work in the field and save lives every day? Medspira was founded based on that belief and the commitment to bring important clinically-inspired medical devices to market. We are dedicated to commercializing leading edge products conceived, developed and perfected in the exam and operating rooms of the nation’s leading hospitals. Medspira works with clinicians, inventors and thought leaders at these institutions to take valuable ideas off the drawing board and beyond the borders of a single institution to share their benefits with hospitals, clinics and patients around the world.