mcompass – URO/GYN Anorectal Manometry Testing Device

For female patients suffering from incontinence, often a URO/GYN is the first stop on a journey to find treatment.  Anorectal manometry brings crucial precision to the process.  Administering these tests in your own practice provides the highest level of diagnostic confidence, ensures the ability to appropriately plan treatment and boosts patient care.

Adding Anorectal Manometry Testing is Easy

mcompass is the first dedicated anorectal manometry system that makes testing easy, fast and flexible.  It ushers in a new age in manometry testing. A range of your medical staff can be easily trained to administer the exams, including physician’s assistants and nurses. mcompass enables any URO/GYN to make anorectal manometry testing a reality. There’s no longer a reason to wait. The future of anorectal manometry is here today.

Expand Your Testing Capabilities

If you are already testing, mcompass makes it simple to expand your capabilities. Lightweight, portable and affordable, mcompass does not even require a dedicated room. You can test when and where needed for your patients. And if you want to add offsite exams to your practice, mcompass is the choice for use in nursing homes and anywhere in the community.

A Streamlined Three-Component System

mcompass featues an innovative, disposable probe with multiple balloons that adjusts precisely to individual patient anatomy for enhanced measurement accuracy. A wireless FOB supports simple three-button catheter operation. The device’s tablet PC workstation features easy-to-use software with built-in user prompts for operation and Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.

Enjoy Convenient, Precise Exams in as Little as 15 Minutes

  • Portable, wireless system weighing only 3 lbs.
  • Simple set up, with built-in software guidance.
  • Ready for use after easy priming in just seconds.
  • Intuitive, friendly interface for all users – physician, physician’s assistant or nurse.
  • Advanced technology delivering ultra-precise results.
  • Data presented real time on a tablet PC workstation.

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