Catalyst Pelvic Floor Ultrasound System

The only affordable, high resolution 2D/3D system for assessing and diagnosing pelvic floor conditions.

Testing Device Reimbursements are covered under the code:
76872 Ultrasound, transrectal
76376 3D render w/ interpretation
76856 Ultrasound exam pelvic, complete
76857 Ultrasound exam pelvic, limited
76830 Transvaginal ultrasound, non-ob

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Halo Ultrasound
Halo Medical Technologies offers the Catalyst™ Pelvic Floor Ultrasound System, the only affordable, high resolution 2D/3D system for assessing and diagnosing pelvic floor conditions.

Full-featured video recording to minimize patient exam time and maximize visualizing and annotating defects. Auto-generated reports pushed directly into EMR. All-In-One mobile cart or portable laptop configurations including anorectal manometry and biofeedback, you can now cover the entirety of pelvic floor health.

Fully supported software and hardware for the following applications:

  • Rectal Cancer Staging: Unique 360º transrectal probe with built-in water channel, complete proctoscope system and transrectal balloon kit for easy cancer staging.
  • Fecal Incontinence/Anal Sphincter Defects: Selection of two 360º probes
  • Levator ani assessment and surgical mesh detection: 360º endovaginal probe
  • Pelvic floor assessment and surgical mesh detection: 90º transperineal probe
  • Multicompartmental pelvic floor imaging: Fully interchangeable probes for a multiple probe exam with one comprehensive report

Halo Catalyst ultrasound system cart version:
Halo Cart with Rectal Cancer Image_best outline

Halo Catalyst ultrasound system laptop version:


Full line of probes for a multi-compartmental pelvic floor assessment-fully interchangeable probes for one comprehensive report.

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MidCrystl Callout Box_1

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Halo Endovaginal Callout Box

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