“I have been using mcompass ARM diagnostic and biofeedback therapy platforms for the last couple of years and it has revolutionized my understanding and treatment of common gastroenterological disorders such as chronic constipation, fecal incontinence, rectal pain, anal fissures to name a few. The superior yet portable mcompass application has made these services accessible to my patients and eliminated the need to refer away to tertiary centers 2 hours away. I believe that Medspira has bridged the gap between knowledge and application by making what was once complex and unapproachable to community physicians now an integral part of our daily operations and practice.” Read More…

Dr. Eric Ibegbu

Atlantic Medical Group, North Carolina


Dr. Mark Davidson, Beverly Hills Center for Digestive Health, California

“The mcompass system’s ease of use, affordability, portability, and the technical support has been instrumental in helping me manage patients with pelvic floor dysfunction.”

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Dr. Shiraz Farooq, HemWell America, Florida

“The mcompass is an excellent diagnostic tool. The implementation was effortless. The system is very easy to operate. Patients respond to the procedure very positively; ARM with mcompass is a non-invasive and painless procedure. Incorporating ARM with mcompass into my practice added great value for patient care and has made good business sense too.”

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Dr. Allan G. Coates, D.O. Gastroenterology Associates of Western Michigan

“mcompass was very easy to implement into our practice. The training and support are very helpful. Within a matter of four months we were already starting to see a return on investment. The quality of our reports have been excellent and the value to our practice has been incredible.”

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Dr. Keith Munson, MD, Jefferson Surgical Clinic, Virginia

“If I had designed an anorectal manometry device myself, this would have been it. Mcompass is easy-to-use, affordable and offers significant patient care benefits. It is the only manometry device optimized exclusively for anorectal applications, and for the first time ever, makes in-office manometry and balloon expulsion testing practical and profitable.”

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 Dr. Sri Pothamsetty, Orlando Gastroenterology, Florida

“My staff and other GIs in my practice, as well as myself, find performing ARM with mcompass very user-friendly, portable, and gives us a lot of information that helps with taking care of many patients. It expands the spectrum of services performed at our office, at the same time being economically sound. A must-have for any GI practice!!”

Dr. A. Christopher Ibikunle, Georgia SurgiCare, Georgia

“Anorectal manometry with mcompass was very easy to incorporate into my busy practice workflow. The software is intuitive and easy to learn, patients respond really well to the test, and the results obtained from the study help with better diagnostics and patient outcomes.”

Dr. Doni Lindenberg, Lindenberg GI, Florida

“This ARM exam is a simple and quick procedure. The disposable catheters used with mcompass adds efficiency into the workflow and allows me to schedule ARM appointments in 15 minute intervals. The results obtained help to optimize treatment for my patients who might otherwise be miscategorized. I strongly recommend mcompass for on-site ARM.”

Dr. Jennifer S. Beaty, Colon and Rectal Surgery Creighton University, Nebraska

“Having Medspira Manometry available in my office allows me to work up, diagnose and make treatment recommendations for complex pelvic floor disorders efficiently. Previously, I had to schedule the diagnostic manometry at the hospital and patients were dissatisfied with having another appointment to attend, they often would not show up for their diagnostic testing. My satisfaction and my patients’ satisfaction has improved with office-based manometric testing. Medspira Manometry saves me time, improves patient satisfaction, and generates revenue for the clinic.”

Dr. Kurt Vernon, The GI Guy, North Carolina

“I enjoyed Medspira’s no-pressure approach during my evaluation of the mcompass equipment. Before I committed to purchasing the mcompass, they allowed me to test it through their 30-day trial program. During the trial, my providers were able to gain hands-on experience with the equipment while I familiarized myself with the process of reading and interpreting the results. In addition, my billing department had time to collect and verify the reimbursements. The trial gave me peace of mind knowing exactly the value I was getting from bringing the ARM procedure into my private practice.”


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