Breath Hold ES for RT

The Breath Hold ES is a motion management/ biofeedback device helping patients breathe in a consistent manner or breath hold at a particular point time. It allow for these breathing patterns or breath holds to be reproducible in a variety of procedures.

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Radiation Therapy
The Breath Hold ES delivers on accuracy to procedures involving the lungs and upper abdomen. During both radiation planning and treatment, the device visualizes the respiratory cycle as a pattern of lights. The feedback effectively guides the patients toward a consistent pre- selected breath hold position or a reproducible, shallow respiratory pattern.

Integrate Respiratory Control into Your Program Today
If your facility relies on free breathing for challenging RT procedures, Medspira Breath Hold ES provides an important new option, making it easier than ever before to integrate respiratory control into your RT program.  The device is simple to use and affordable – many patients report feeling empowered through their active involvement in breathing control and the therapy process. Lightweight and portable, Breath Hold can be shared among therapy suites.  Technologists learn to use the device in a matter of minutes.

Benefits Over Gating and Compression
If your facility currently uses gating technologies to compensate for breathing motion, Breath Hold ES may significantly accelerate procedure time – benefitting both workflow and patient care – while supporting a highly consistent and predictable breathing pattern for most patients. Additionally, compared to respiratory compression devices, Breath Hold ES provides a high degree of patient comfort and reliability.

Enhanced Precision for Left Side Breast Cancer Therapy
Numerous studies have shown that during radiation therapy for left side breast cancer, reproducible breath-hold techniques support consistent positioning of the tumor to minimize radiation dose to the heart. With Breath Hold ES, every radiation therapy site can help provide these patients with the carefully targeted treatment they need.

Keeping Technicians Informed in Real Time
A remote Breath Hold ES display that operates through protective bunkers enables technicians in the control room to follow the patient’s breathing motion in real time.

base unit photoshop

Base Unit: 
Connects to the bellows belt to measure air pressure and enable LED light display. Also serves as the LED charger.

belt photoshop

Bellows Belt:

Contracts and expands on the abdomen with patient breathing.


Holds the remote display, providing flexible positioning for easy patient viewing. Various mounting options accomodate all table designs.


Measurement Tool:
Quantifies expansion of the bellows belt to enable reproduction of settings from SIM to treatment and between treatment days.

UVA/VCU Radiation Therapy Study:

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