Breath Hold ES for MRI

The Breath Hold ES is a motion management/ biofeedback device helping patients breathe in a consistent manner or breath hold at a particular point time. It allow for these breathing patterns or breath holds to be reproducible in a variety of procedures.

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MRI Highly effective and convenient, Breath Hold ES delivers new precision for MRI procedure involving the abdomen and heart. Because MRI is one of the slowest modalities, clinicians must deal with eh issue of respiratory motion. However, existing technologies provide no great solution to the problem; the Breath Hold ES is the answer. By providing visual cues to patient and staff, the device helps the patient consistently reproduce the desired breath- hold point throughout the procedure. Existing Solutions are Inadequate Complex technology that attempts to compensate for respiratory movement when patients free-breathe adds time to scans and often is not productive. Alternatively, asking patients to attempt a series of long, unaided breath-holds in the intimidating MRI environment is often unsuccessful.  Patients need feedback to return to the same point in the respiratory cycle.  Without that, thre is no consistency in image aquisition. An Answer in the MRI Now, Breath Hold ES provides an effective, simple and affordable solution, which may lead to enhanced patient data, shorter exam times and greater patient comfort.  By following a simple series of lights, Breath Hold ES provides patients with that valuable feedback on their respiratory cycle and enables them to take control of their own breathing. The device is simple to use and affordable. Technologists learn to use the device in a matter of minutes. Specially Designed for Use in the MRI Optimized for MRI use, Breath Hold ES emits a wireless signal that passes through the MRI bunker to enable staff in the MRI suite to view patient breathing on their own monitor.  The Breath Hold ES patient monitor is specially designed to be safe in the magnet room with a special MRI-compliant tripod to make viewing for patients easy and comfortable.  Breath Hold ES may be used with a full range of magnet strengths.
base unit photoshop Base Unit:  Connects to the bellows belt to measure air pressure and enable LED light display. Also serves as the LED charger. belt photoshop Bellows Belt: Contracts and expands on the abdomen with patient breathing. 2 MRI Stand: Holds the remote display, providing flexible positioning for easy patient viewing. glasses photoshop MRI Glasses: Allows patiently to comfortably see the remote display during an MRI.
Impact of Incorporating Visual Biofeedback in 4D MRI

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