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What systems are the Breath Hold ES compatible with?
The Breath Hold ES is a portable, standalone system that acts independently from any equipment. Allowing it to be used with any linac, MRI, CT etc.

What does the Breath Hold ES accomplish?
It restricts target tissue mobility through consistent breath-holds or controlled shallow breathing.

How does the Breath Hold ES work?
It relies on biofeedback for proactive patient breathing control.

Where does the Bellows Belt go on the patient?
It goes around the chest or abdomen for greater patient comfort and ease of use than other radiation therapy respiratory motion control technologies.

What sort of maintenance for the Bellows Belt is required?
You just need to clean the belt with propyl alcohol and that will allow you to reuse the built between patients.

How does the belt communicate with the Biofeedback?
There are pressure sensitive transducers that read the circumference of the belt and transmit the findings in real time to the display screens.

Are there any materials that could conflict with any machines?
The Breath Hold ES is made from entirely MRI safe materials and the radio signal will not disrupt any Linac, MRI, etc.

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