FI Total Care Implemented At Hemwell America With Help of Mcompass Anorectal Manometry System

Dr. Shiraz Farooq is an experienced colorectal surgeon, Chief Medical Officer and founder of HemWell America in Tampa. With Medspira’s assistance he has successfully implemented ‘FI Total Care’ into his private practice, a program designed to diagnose and treat bowel incontinence. The program has a proven treatment pathway to reduce or eliminate patients’ fecal incontinence. Dr. Farooq and his team often recommend conservative treatment first, which includes dietary changes, medication and/or pelvic floor therapy. When conservative treatments are exhausted, minimally invasive surgical interventions often yields desired results. Dr. Farooq and his practice have had an 89% success rate of reducing and eliminating fecal incontinence.

We interviewed Dr. Farooq recently, inquiring his insights on utilizing our mcompass ARM device in his practice. Here is a part of this conversation:

How has your practice changed since bringing on the mcompass?
Having evidence-based knowledge helps patient outcomes, which in turn help us to expand our clinical base with more patients.

How often do you use the mcompass and how fast did you start to see a return on investment?
We perform around 5 ARM exams every week. We have reached ROI within weeks of implementing ARM diagnostic program.

What does the mcompass do well for you? 
Anorectal manometry is an important tool to diagnose anorectal pathology. Having a mobile ARM tool allows us to perform the test in our office setting. This flexibility is critical for us.

How would you rate the quality of the mcompass?
The mcompass is an excellent diagnostic tool. The implementation was effortless. The system is very easy to operate. Patients respond to the procedure very positively; ARM with mcompass is a non-invasive and painless procedure.

How would you rate the value of the mcompass?
Incorporating ARM with mcompass into my practice added great value for patient care and has made good business sense too.

Would you recommend the mcompass to another physician?
With no hesitation. As a matter of fact, I’ve already referred my former colleague to Medspira. He too is now successfully utilizing the mcompass in his private CRS practice.

Dr. Farooq can be reached at 855 697 9355 or


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