Naspghan Annual Meeting 2017

Come visit us at NASPGHAN 2017 Booth #225
Ceaser’s Palace, November 1-4, 2017

NASPGHAN Postgraduate Course – Thursday, November 2, 2017
Course Directors:

Jennifer Strople MD, MS
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Program Director, GI Fellowship Program
Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
Chicago, IL

Maria Oliva-Hemker MD
Director, Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition
Stermer Family Professor of Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Vice Chair for Faculty Development, Diversity and Promotion, Dept. of Pediatrics
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Baltimore, MD

Download Syllabus – Program and Speaker Slides
(Adobe PDF File)
Module 1 – Endoscopy
Strictures beyond the esophagus
Petar Mamula MD, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Learning objectives:
1. Review endoscopic techniques for stricture therapy
2. Review side effects of endoscopic stricture therapy
3. Review literature on endoscopic therapy of IBD-related strictures

GI bleeding update
Diana Lerner MD, Medical College of Wisconsin
Learning objectives:
1. Review basics of electrocautery
2. Review endoscopic techniques for control of GI bleeding
3. Update on emerging techniques in hemostasis

Management of pancreatic fluid collections
Matt Giefer MD, Seattle Children’s Hospital
Learning objectives:
1. Recognize the various complications of pancreatic fluid collections
2. Create a treatment/monitoring approach for both complicated and uncomplicated pancreatic fluid collections
3. Analyze the risks and benefits of percutaneous, endoscopic and surgical management of complicated pancreatic fluid collections

Module 2 – GI Potpourri
Celiac disease diagnosis: ESPGHAN vs. NASPGHAN guidelines
Michelle Pietzak MD, University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine and Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles
Learning objectives:
1. To review the previous evidence-based ESPGHAN guidelines for the diagnosis of celiac disease
2. To discuss the current NASPGHAN criteria for the diagnosis of celiac disease
3. To understand the new diagnostic algorithms and guidelines proposed by ESPGHAN for this disorder

Fad diets: The good, the bad and the just plain ugly
Mark Corkins MD, University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Learning objectives:
1. The attendees will know the dietary philosophies that define the common fad diets
2. The learners will be aware of the potential nutritional deficiencies and components that can cause harm with common fad diets utilized by pediatric patients
3. The learners will know methods to work with families and guide them to a nutritionally complete diet regimen

Update on H. pylori
Nicola Jones MD, PhD, Hospital for Sick Children
Learning objectives:
Understand updated guidelines for:
1. Who to test
2. How to test
3. How to treat H. pylori infection in children and adolescents

Module 3 – Liver/Pancreas
Biliary Atresia: Update on diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers and therapeutic interventions
Cara Mack MD, Children’s Hospital Colorado
Learning objectives:
1. Educate audience on recent studies pertaining to diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers in biliary atresia
2. Provide summary of recent studies pertaining to maximizing health in chronic liver disease through medical and nutritional interventions

Diagnosis and management of pediatric NAFLD in 2017
Stavra Xanthakos MD, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
Learning objectives:
1. Understand advantages and limitations of available diagnostic tools for NAFLD in children
2. Describe and implement available treatments for NAFLD in children
3. Review status of therapeutic options in development for NAFLD

SMOFlipid and the pediatric patient
Paul Wales MD, Hospital for Sick Children
Learning objectives:
1. To review role of composite lipid emulsions in intestinal failure associated liver disease
2. To review the evidence for role of alternative lipid emulsions in IFALD

Painful chronic pancreatitis: Management/therapeutic interventions
Vikesh K Singh MD, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Learning objectives:
1. To review currently available medical, endoscopic and surgical therapies for painful chronic pancreatitis
2. To review the outcomes and factors which influence the outcomes of current interventions for painful chronic pancreatitis
3. To discuss future directions for the management of painful chronic pancreatitis

Module 4 – Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Therapeutic drug monitoring
Andrew Grossman MD, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Learning objectives:
1. Review the evidence regarding use of therapeutic drug monitoring to optimize dosing of biologic therapies
2. Describe how to optimize use of therapies via reactive measurement of therapeutic drug levels
3. Discuss role of proactive therapeutic drug monitoring

What if anti-TNF fails
Maria Oliva-Hemker MD, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Learning objectives:
1. Understand the importance of reassessing the IBD patient that is nonresponsive to anti-TNFs
2. Review the evidence in support of biologic and small molecule therapies beyond anti-TNF medications
3. Develop alternate treatment strategies for patients nonresponsive or intolerant to anti-TNFs

Prevention of postoperative Crohn’s disease
Miguel Regueiro MD, University of Pittsburgh
Learning objectives:
1. Understand the risk factors associated with postoperative Crohn’s disease recurrence
2. Determine the appropriate postoperative treatment
3. Review the AGA postoperative guidelines in the management of postoperative Crohn’s disease

Module 5 – Functional/Motility Disorders
The quest for the holy grail: Accurately diagnosing and treating extraesophageal reflux
Rachel Rosen MD, Boston Children’s Hospital
Learning objectives:
1. To recognize the broad differential diagnoses for extraesophageal symptoms
2. To understand the benefits and limitations of reflux testing in patients with extraesophageal symptoms
3. To understand the unique difficulties in treating extraesophageal symptoms

POTS and joint hypermobility: What do they have to do with functional disorders?
Miguel Saps MD, University of Miami
Learning objectives:
1. To define postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), and joint hypermobility (JH) including clinical presentation and diagnostic methods
2. To review the prevalence of POTS and JH in patients with FGIDs
3. To discuss the management of patients with FGIDs and POTS and JH

Do I need to test that C.R.A.P?
Rina Sanghavi MD, Children’s Medical Center of Dallas
Learning objectives:
1. Understand indications for testing in chronic abdominal pain
2. Learn what tests can be ordered for chronic abdominal pain
3. Understand interpretation of tests for chronic abdominal pain

The child with refractory constipation
Jose Garza MD, Children’s Hospital of Atlanta
Learning objectives:
1. Recognize common causes of treatment failure in constipation
2. Establish a diagnostic approach to children with refractory constipation
3. Identity alternative treatments for refractory constipation

Learning Lunches
1. Wheat – To eat or not to eat?
Moderator: Terry Sigman MD
Michelle Pietzak MD and Sharon Tam MD

2. Fad diets: Good, bad and ugly
Moderator: Iona Monteiro MD
Mark Corkins MD, Ruba Abdelhabi MD

3. Abdominal Pain: Evaluation and Management
Moderator: Deborah Neigut MD
Miguel Saps MD and Rina Sanghavi MD

4. Treatment of GERD: What’s new?
Moderator: Ritu Walia MD
Rachel Rosen MD and Eric Chiou MD

5. IBD monitoring pre and post-surgery
Moderator: Jeanne Tung MD
Miguel Regueiro MD and Jeanne Tung MD

6. The patient with IBD – When nothing seems to work
Moderator: Dinesh Pashankar MD
Andrew Grossman MD and Jess Kaplan MD

7. Acute and chronic pancreatitis
Moderator: Melanie Greifer MD
Vikesh Singh MD and Jay Freeman MD

8. Evaluation of the cholestatic infant
Moderator: Nadia Ovchinsky MD
Cara Mack MD and Saeed Mohammad MD

9. GI bleeding – Difficult cases
Moderator: Marsha Kay MD
Diana Lerner MD and Heidi Hagerott MD

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