Anorectal Manometry


mcompass Anorectal Manometry

Medspira has created the mcompass to bring anorectal manometry to places where in the past it had not been used due to cost, time constraints and space.

Testing Device Reimbursements are covered under codes:

91122 Anorectal manometry

91120 Rectal sensation, tone, and compliance test

Medspira – Launching a Revolution in Anorectal Manometry

Introducing a new concept in anorectal manometry, mcompass is the first ever portable, simple-to-use device that will integrate into the workflow of any practice and make testing a reality for a broad range of physicians.

  • Colorectal Surgeons can offer these exams more easily than before to optimize treatment planning and realize new revenues.
  • Gastroenterologists can also add a critical tool to their practice and treat patients more efficiently and effectively.
  • Primary Care Physicians can discuss incontinence problems and offer precise diagnosis to enhance treatment or refer patients appropriately.
  • Gerontologists can offer a full diagnostic screening to diagnose problems and provide precise treatment the first time.
  • URO/GYNs can more easily distinguish among specific anorectal problems.
  • OBGYNs can minimize risk due to undiscovered damage caused by a complicated vaginal delivery.



Portable, wireless system weighs 3 lbs. Easy built-in WiFi for emailing of full digital encrypted results to appropriate specialists as needed.



Contains five functional pressure transducers. Ready for use in just seconds after easy priming.



Five channel, air charged, high-performance, disposable catheter.

A Novel Technique for Bedside Anorectal Manometry in Humans:

Minimum Standards of Anorectal Manometry:

Anorectal Disorders:

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Diagnosis and Treatment of Pelvic Floor Disorders:

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Fecal Incontinence in Primary Care: Prevalence, Diagnosis, and Health Care Utilization

Fecal Incontinence: Prevalence, Severity, and Quality of Life Data from an Outpatient Gastroenterology Practice:

Product Overview:

Chapter 1 – Administrative Control:

Chapter 2 – Patient Information/Set-Up:

Chapter 3 – Testing:

Chapter 4 – Test Data/Report Summary:

Chapter 5 – Report Viewing Mode:

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